Solar Energy Myths

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Solar Energy Myths

Myth : Solar panels won’t generate power when it’s cloudy

Regardless of whether it’s cold or cloudy, solar panels will capture the sun’s rays and convert their energy into solar power. That’s right – even if you can’t see the sun through the clouds, you can still generate solar power.

If we chose to believe the myth that solar energy won’t work when it’s cloudy, only countries close to the Equator would be making big investments in solar power. But it’s Germany, a country not exactly known for its year-round sunshine, that continues to invest heavily in solar power and has the highest solar power capacity in the world.

However, it’s true that solar panels aren't as efficient in cloudy weather as on clear days. The power generated can be reduced by half compared to clear days and can even drop to just 5% of what can be generated on sunny days. But the bottom line is that they still generate some energy.

Myth : Solar panels are unreliable and require constant maintenance and cleaning

Many homeowners are worried their solar power system will be costly and difficult to maintain. But the truth is, once installed, your solar energy systems is virtually maintenance free.

First, there are few parts that may need replacement. And most parts, like the inverters that convert the solar energy into electricity compatible with the grid, come with lengthy manufacturer warranties of around 5-10 years.

In terms of cleaning, don’t worry – you won’t need to clamber onto the roof with a mop. Most people find rainfall sufficient to keep their solar panels clean. Or in the event of rainfall containing elements of sand, simply rinsing or hosing down your solar panels once or twice a year will avoid a build up of sand residue and help avoid any deterioration in solar panel performance over time.

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