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Borrowing The Sun When It Should Be Free

For obvious reasons the healthcare industry worldwide requires an uninterrupted supply of electricity. Although, globally we have made great strides in harnessing and utilizing energy, still more than 1 billion people (worldwide) are currently living without electricity. And interruptions in energy supply in developing countries, have created an enormous challenge for the health care industry. Lack of access to the electricity grid and in-consistent flow of electricity in developing countries stand as the reason behind the limited success of healthcare. Factoring in the depleting conventional energy reserves, rising conventional energy prices, growing global population and energy demand, the world is slowly yet steadily moving towards green energy transition, championing solar energy.

All new hospitals in India are getting covered with solar panels, its show confidence about solar panels and its sustainability. There are much big government and private hospitals like Apollo, Escorts, AIIMs, Ram Manohar Lohia hospitals who are generating electricity using solar.

Unlike fossil fuel, solar energy can be harvested from the Sun without any negative impact on the environment. Using solar energy can reduce the carbon footprint of healthcare institutions and free the air from particulate matter that affects patients’ recovery.

Health care sector uses simple to complex diagnostic units that require a constant stream of electricity to deliver accurate results. There are also fail-safe systems in hospitals that add to every hospital’s energy bills. However, lack of electricity grid in many areas, power outages, and back up system failure (generators) to provide power at required time (generators start only 90% of the time during a power failure), leads to wrong diagnosis and fatalities.

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