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Why Green Solar Power

1) Solar Powered Ventilation Fans

Solar power system not only reduces monthly electricity bills, but also helps to protect mother earth in many different ways. We often think of planting a tree, reduce pollution etc etc. But do we practically do that? NO! Because we don’t get time from our day to day lives.

Read this blog for understanding how to protect mother earth without planting a single tree. Its said that Go Green Go Solar, shift to Renewable energy, Shift to natural power……. Yes everything seems to be correct. Solar Power system helps our Mother Earth. A typical 1KW Solar Rooftop system is equivalent of planting 20 Teak Trees every year.

Let me take you through a story.

We have completed one of our project installation at Maharaja Dhiraj Shri Agrasen Bhavan Trust, Pune. We have installed a 50 KW Solar rooftop system. Which generates 5500 units of power every month which inturn save electricity bill of 1 lac rupees.

This system is equivalent of:

Why Green Solar Power Why Green Solar Power Why Green Solar Power
Preventing 50 Tones of Carbon emission. 35,000 KM Car Drive. Planting 1000 Teak trees

So the question is….. How does this system protects?

Basically the power which we consume is majorly produced through burning of coal at substations. The maximum share in power generation is Steam Turbine Plants, which consumes coal for power production. So for producing 5500 units of power every month almost 4200kw of CO2 is emitted in environment.

Hence it is said that,

Install Solar & protect our Mother Earth.

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